Bryan Collings is a designer and Cal Poly alum who works at Ridgeline, with previous experience at both Workday and Deloitte Digital. He sent us these great resources to help anyone get started with design!


The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman

The Way to Design - Steve Vassallo

Effective UI (an oldie but a goodie) or anything else from O’Reilly Media

Thinking with Type - Ellen Lupton

Design Basics - Stephen Pentak - InVision’s online learning center (ebooks, podcasts, articles, etc...all free!)

Design Articles/Sites

What is Product Design?

26 Digital Typography Rules for Beginners

Good to Great UI Animation Tips

Dead Simple Techniques for Using Branding in UI

How to Construct a Design System

LittleBigDetails - blog featuring small (but incredibly thoughtful) design details

Graphical Resources

NounProject - free, editable icons for everything

Nucleo App - drag/drop the best icon collection on the web - free and paid versions

UX Power Tools - customizable, automated design system for Sketch - not free, but worth it

Collection of FREE Stock Photo Sites

Humaaans - free illustration library of mix-n-match human figures

Design Tools

Sketch - industry leading screen design tool with built-in prototyping and countless integrations

Anima Toolkit - Sketch plugin that allows creation of scaling responsive pages

XD - for the Adobe fans, a great screen design tool with powerful prototyping functionality

Studio - InVision’s screen design tool with an emphasis on easy animation prototyping

InVision - industry leading prototyping tool - easy to learn, great collaboration tools, imports screens from multiple design toolsFigma - the up and coming screen design + prototyping  tool - highly collaborative, rich features, has web and desktop apps