Interested in studying design at Cal Poly? While design is spread out upon the many disciplines here, use this list to get you started!

Charmaine Farber’s Picks

These are the courses recommended by our co-advisor Charmaine Farber as of May 2018:'

  • GrC 339 Web Design and Dev
  • GrC 429 Mobile UX
  • ENGR 234 Intro to Design Thinking
  • CSC 484 User-Centered Interface Design and Dev
  • CSC 486 Human Computer Interaction
  • BUS 470 Solving Big World Problems
  • BUS 458 Interdisciplinary Start-Up class (“This is a startup class where the involvement now (early stages of the start-ups) of UI and UX design would be very valuable to the engineering and business students.”)
  • IME 320 Human Factors and Technology
  • ART 288, 388 Interaction Design I and II
  • ENGL 319 Information Design and Production

Future Courses:

  • GrC 433 UX Methodologies
  • GrC 470 Service Design

Officer Picks

PSY 329: Research Methods in Psychology
This is helpful in thinking about how to do research with human subjects, and brings in a lot of critical thinking skills about determining the reliability and validity of your studies.

CSC 300: Professional Responsibilities (Computer Science Ethics)
This class is fantastic for a number of reasons. First, it highlights the importance of design as it explores the social consequences of the technology we create. Second, it introduces frameworks to help you consider if your design respects its users.
Recommendation: Take this with Nicholas Sakellariou