Although public-facing side of HCDC has been quiet, and while public relations and outreach is something we acknowledge the need for improvement in, we've been making strides to design HCDC a framework for HCDC that would provide value to members of various backgrounds. I'd like to take the first step in building our public awareness and introduce you to the results of some of the work that we've been doing recently.

Mission Statement

Human-Centered Design Club (HCDC) is an inclusive human-centered design community open to students of all backgrounds. Our mission is to inspire and promote human-centered design thinking by connecting students to diverse opportunities and resources.


We now have a few different ways that you can reach us:

  • [email protected]: Reach out to the officers, and we'll be with you shortly!
  • [email protected]: Our goal is to meet your needs. Any feedback you provide is a gift, and if we have questions we'd love to follow up and invite you to help us with the solution!
  • [email protected]: Have an idea to build the community? Have something you'd like shared with everyone? Help us enrich our group here!
  • [email protected]: Have a question about an event? Want to suggest we do something? Contact us here for all event-related correspondence.
  • [email protected]: Are you a company or club who wants to work with us? We're all about growing our network, so feel free to reach out and connect!

Tentative Quarter Template for Events

Currently, we are thinking that we'd like to have a theme for each month, which either comes from a department on campus or a local business. In conjunction with our events will be a project team that meets to try and solve our problem at hand.

All of our events will tie into this theme; however, they will be generic enough that even if you're not actively participating in the project you can still have plenty of takeaways from the events!

Core Quarter Events

HCDC will host at least one event that fits into one of these categories:

  • Industry Speaker
  • Academic Speaker
  • Social Event
  • Club Collaboration
  • Workshop

Human-Centered Designing of the Club

As we are designing this club, we try to keep our community in mind and ensure that we are continuously adding value for our members. How best can we do this? With the Human-Centered Design process! As such, this template is simply a beginning. You are the next step. Here's how you can be involved in the iterative design of this club:

  • Have any comments or concerns? Shoot us an email at [email protected]
  • Engage with the officer team after meetings. We'd love to talk and hear about both how we've helped you and how we can add even more value to you through our events!

Thanks for joining us!

Together, we are bringing more people into the design of everyday things. We're challenging almost everything that exists, asking how we can improve the life experiences of everyone through design. We're asking questions, tackling the bigger problems, and considering the impact of what we do holistically.

We are a movement at Cal Poly. We are saying that everyone can be a designer, and that design thinking can be applied everywhere. We're combining people's strengths in ways they never would have thought possible to build a better world.

Thank you for being part of this, and thank you for helping us to design a great club experience for all.